Founders Program

Launching in 2024 but currently seeking enterprise partners to participate in their Founders Program.

is developing a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform that will help organisations coordinate and manage crises in real time. It will be founded on an industry-standard framework and integrate with existing IT and communications systems and  processes.

What is the Founders Program?

The CriConX Founders Program is open to select enterprises to participate in the development of this game changing software for the crisis & emergency management industry, whilst concurrently enjoying extensive benefits for this privilege too.


eLearning- Crisis Skills Proficiency Enhancement
  • AAIMS Awareness inc standardisation of terminology
  • Deep Dive into AIIMS Fundamentals 
  • Behavioural Session – Fight, Flight or Freeze (Paralysis)
  • 2x Recorded Scenario (good & bad examples) with comprehension assessment
  • Difference between strategic and tactical response at all levels.


Quarterly 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring

  • S1 – Participant Bio and Where are they in their Incident Commander journey? 
  • S2 – Mentor/s in workplace. How to get the most out of them?
  • S3 – What came out of your Behavioural Analysis session. Where to from here?
  • S4 – Free session. Q&A


1:1 Psychologist Coaching
  • Pre-survey
  • Coaching session & discussing of results (1 Hour)



Review & audit of incumbent emergency documents & processes


Founders Program Bi-Monthly Workshops

Facilitated peer networking forum for organisations’ crisis & emergency management experts

  • Inaugural meeting agenda item: Standardisation of terminology & unification across enterprises to avoid perpetual changes & the costs associated with this
  • Recurring agenda of ‘informal drinks / water cooler’.
  • Recurring agenda item of solution design focus group.
  •  Recurring agenda of Guest Speaker -> SME
  • Recurring agenda of Scenario workshop to share info across Founder Experts. 


Shared Network

SME Panel Access (consultant sub-contractor pool)



All Founders Program participants will ‘graduate’ being CriConX software certified

Join the CriConX Founders Program TODAY to have the chance to actively shape the future of crisis and emergency management

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